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In recent years, a growing number of special interest groups, giant retail corporations and states strapped for funds have been placing immense pressure on our lawmakers to create laws that will force small business owners nationwide to bear the entire burden of sales tax collection for every jurisdiction in the United States. These parties have lobbied heavily for their own interests and managed to convince our lawmakers to introduce many reckless and haphazardly assembled bills in our congress in past years, the most recent of which is the Marketplace Fairness Act. We believe this proposed legislation will place unreasonable burdens on businesses, put small businesses at an even greater disadvantage to the retail giants, stifle business growth and put our nations improving economy once again in peril. As a coalition, we aim to send a strong message to our state and national governments and legislative bodies that we do not and will never support such legislation. And we are here to stay.

Brick-and-mortar shops, internet retailers, and concerned citizens alike – we are all allies in this struggle to stop this unreasonable legislation. Such laws affect internet retailers, retail shops with on-line presences, catalogers, everyday citizens in the form of higher prices, and also open the door to possible sweeping changes for brick-and-mortar retailers who deliver products and services to other states. The only winners are the retail giants, who are rapidly growing and already control the market share, and cash-strapped state governments that need to learn how to manage their funds. Learn more…

Lawyers, accountants, business analysts who support our cause – we need your help. Donate your time and help ensure the American Dream continues to be possible for everyone – not just shareholders in big-box stores.